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Mobile Government Plaza

The Mobile Government Plaza, occupied in January 1995, houses facilities for many government services provided by the courts, the District Attorney, and the city and county governments.  The courts and most related justice departments are located in the Courts Building located on the north side of the Plaza.

Smoke-Free Facility

The entire Mobile Government Plaza complex is designated as a smoke-free facility by Resolution of the Mobile County Commission.  This Resolution prohibits smoking in all areas of the Plaza and anyone found smoking would be issued a citation of violation by the County.  Jurors who smoke may exit the building only at times designated by the Court.  You will be advised of specific periodic breaks throughout the day as the court schedule allows.

Food and Drinks

The Mobile County Commission has restricted consumption of food and drinks to very limited areas in Government Plaza.  Open food and drink containers are not allowed in any public areas, including courtrooms, hallways and elevators.  Jurors are permitted to bring food items in closed containers into the building; however, they may only be opened and consumed while in the Jury Lounge.  Snacks and soft drinks are available from vending machines in Jury Assembly.  A concession stand is located in the Atrium on the ground level.  If you are in jury service during the lunch period, you will be instructed when you may leave for lunch and what time you must return.  There are numerous affordable cafes and restaurants within walking distance from the Courts Building.  You also may choose to bring a packed lunch to eat in the Jury Lounge; however, refrigerators and microwave ovens are not available in the building.

Building Security

Public access to the Courts Building is restricted to provide a level of security for all entering the building.  Public entry to the building is available only through the security screening station located outside the elevator lobby in the Atrium.  Court Police officers attend metal detection machines that scan for items such as guns, knives and other items that could become potential weapons.  These items are not allowed in the building and temporary safekeeping is not provided.  Anyone carrying such objects will be asked to leave and return without them.  Court Police also patrol the building.  If you encounter an unsafe situation or if you have an emergency in the building, locate the nearest officer or contact Court Police at 574-4849 or 574-4738.

Emergencies Arising In The Plaza

In the very unlikely event that an emergency arises in Government Plaza, certain court staffs have been trained to execute a plan designed to assist you in evacuating the building.  Please remain calm and quiet, listen, and carefully follow the directions provided to you.  If you are serving in a courtroom, you will receive instructions and guidance from the Judge’s staff.  If you are in recess in the hallway you must report to the courtroom immediately.  If you are not serving in a courtroom and are on the Eighth Floor, you must immediately take your assigned seat in Jury Assembly and wait for instructions from Court Administration staff.

IMPORTANT:  Do not attempt to evacuate from the building without assistance from trained staff.  The public elevators may not be in service.