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Strickland Youth Facility - Introduction

The James T. Strickland Youth Center is the Juvenile Justice Center for Mobile County.

It has three facilities located on a 15-acre campus.  The main building houses the Juvenile Division of the Thirteenth Circuit Court and a 119-bed Juvenile Detention Center.  The other two buildings are a 12-bed Crisis Center for C.H.I.N.S. (Children In Need of Supervision) and a 4-month residential treatment center for girls, G.R.O.W.T.H. (Girls Reaching Our Womanhood Through Healing), which has 11-beds.

Currently one Circuit Judge serves as both Presiding Juvenile Judge and the appointing authority for the Center.  He is assisted by two Referees and a District judge, who hears most custody and child support cases.  These Judges annually oversee the processing of more than 8900 complaints, relating to juvenile delinquency, children in need of supervision, child custody, involuntary commitments and contribution to the delinquency of minors.

The philosophy of the Strickland youth Center is that helping a troubled youth requires the active participation of the child's entire family.  Consistent with this philosophy, all treatment programs operated by the Center are designed to include the child’s family.

The total annual operating budget for the Strickland Youth Center is approximately 6.5 million dollars.  It is funded by Mobile County, the City of Mobile, the Department of Youth Services and various grants the State of Alabama.

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