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Court Administration

The Presiding Circuit Judge directs all administrative activities of the court and is assisted by the Court Administrator and staff.  A most important area is the general management of the jurors serving each week.  Court Administration will work with you during your service to assure that your questions regarding jury service and the jury process are answered; that you are available when needed for trial jury selection; that your daily attendance is documented; and they will prepare your check for payment of jury service in accordance with the law.


If Court Administration staff is not personally available in the juror area, you can reach that office at any time from the video-intercom system located in Jury Assembly near the door to Court Administration.  Simply press the button and someone will respond to your call as quickly as possible.

Personal Emergency

If you have a personal emergency while assigned to a courtroom, you should notify the judge in the case.  Otherwise, you should immediately notify Court Administration.  The office is located behind the Jury Assembly and the telephone number is 574-8603.  If you have a personal emergency after you are released for the day and cannot report as instructed, you must report by telephone as soon as possible, but not later than 8:15 a.m. the next morning.  You must report the nature of the emergency, a telephone number where you may be reached and obtain further instructions from the Court.  If a family member must contact you in an emergency, they may contact Court Administration at 574-8603.  You will be given the message as quickly as circumstances allow.

Juror Facilities

We are proud that jurors now have comfortable facilities for their use during their service.  Please help us take care of these facilities so that future citizens will also enjoy them.  Jury Assembly is a large formal room seating up to 300 jurors.  Jury Assembly will be your primary reporting location throughout your term of service and will be used when instructions must be given to a large group of jurors at the same time.  Jury Lounge is a more comfortable environment for when you are not formally assembled and are awaiting further directions from the Court.  Seating arrangements are provided for small group conversations, work/study areas for those who may bring something from home to do, and tables with chairs for eating snacks or lunch.